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  • John John Florence


    from Hawaii - USA

    Two-time world champion John John Florence is one of the most dominant and decorated surfers of all time. Growing up on the North Shore of Oahu surfing Pipeline, Florence became the youngest surfer to compete in the Triple Crown of Surfing at 13. In 2016, Florence won the prestigious Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational following his first of two back-to-back world titles. Florence represented Team USA on its inaugural Olympic surf team.

    Florence strives to inspire others to get outside and learn. He's passionate about sailing, filmmaking and environmentalism. With his production company, Parallel Sea, he's helmed acclaimed film series like Vela and Tokyo Rising. This summer, Florence launched his apparel company, Florence Marine X.


  • Silvia Vasquez-Lavado

    explorer, mountaineer, writer and social entrepreneur.


    Above all, Silvia is a pioneer. She became the first Peruvian to ever summit Mount Everest and the first openly gay woman to complete the Seven Summits. After surviving sexual violence, she founded Courageous Girls, a non-profit helping survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking. Her biographical novel, named “In the Shadow of the Mountain” is set for release in early 2022, in 50 countries worldwide. She has already sold the movie rights of her story to Selena Gomez.

    Silvia is a true inspiration to live life to the fullest, and Do Good in the process.


  • Lucca Mesinas

    Professional Surfer


    Lucca Mesinas was the first Peruvian male to qualify for the WSL Championship Tour. He was also the first male Latin American, excluding those from Brazil, to qualify. Lucca also represented Peru in the inaugural surfing Olympics and placed 5th. While pursuing his goal of becoming one of the best in the world, Lucca also is passionate about giving back to his home country of Peru.


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